PR Company

PR is a critical part of any business – you can create the best products, have the greatest employees working for you but if you cannot get people to recognize your brand you may as well close your doors. If you ask many small business owners about their experiences with PR they will tell you that they have hired agencies that have promised the world but delivered nothing. PR costs money and takes time, and if you want to market your brand successfully it is important to find a PR company that is able to help you make the most of both.
Your biggest challenge will be digging through all the PR companies that are out there and digging one which will be effective. To help you whittle down your list you should start by eliminating all those that don’t have any experience with your kind of product, and those that work with big businesses – you want a company that understand the ins and outs of small businesses as they have a much better chance of helping you establish your brand.
It is important to understand their strategy – what will they do in terms of brand promotion, and how will they know that they are doing it correctly? The best companies are those that take time to interview would-be clients to understand what they are looking for; is it a new company that is looking to get brand exposure? Are they an existing company that wants to market a new product? If you talk to a PR company and they don’t do an extensive interview to learn about your goals they are not very good at what they do.
You will not get very far if you don’t have a winning online presence, so one of the things that you should be looking for is a PR agency that knows the ins and outs of digital marketing. Find out if they have any experience with online marketing strategies, and what their rate of success has been in the past.
You should also agree on benchmarks – how will they report back to you, on what metrics will they report and what if things are not going as expected – do you have any recourse?
One PR company that comes highly recommended is Quite Great. They work with all sorts of small businesses to help them promote their brands and they can do great things for you. Find out more on their website,