Cost of Loft Extension

Finding a design for your new loft is just the first step. You also have to work out how much it is going to cost you. In fact, if you come up with a budget for your desired design and it turns out that it is more expensive than you can afford you will have to go back to the drawing board. When it comes to loft extension rather than finding a design and then working out the cost it is advisable to do things the other way around – come up with a budget and then based on that budget choose a design that you like. What, though, should you take into account when you are coming up with a design for loft extension?
The answer is, it all depends. If your house is relatively new you may not need a big budget to do n extension. If, however, you live in an old home that is in relative disrepair you may find that it costs a lot more to do loft extension. The best thing to do is find an expert, have them look around and then advise you on the different costs that you have to take into account.
That said, there are some basic costs that will go into any loft extension. One of the biggest happens to be insulation – your loft will have to be protected against excessive heat and cold. You also have to think about plumbing – one way to really increase the value of your home is to have a loft that’s en-suite. You should also think about electricity – will you need to do some rewiring in order to light up your new living space?
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