Where to use waterproof flashing tape

Waterproof flashing tape or strip is a kind of waterproof tape which is used for roofing. The material making the waterproof flashing tape consists of plastics and rubber, and the main function of the tape is to protect and form a seamless barrier against water and moisture. The waterproof flashing tape is often used for roofing, wall cladding, house siding, and other waterproof projects.

Where to use waterproof flashing tape

  1. Outdoor wall cladding

This kind of tape can form a barrier against water and moisture. When the tape is adhered to the outside wall, it prevents water and moisture from intruding into the wall cavity.

  1. Waterproof roofing

Most commonly used for waterproof roofing or wall cladding, the waterproof tape forms a water resistant barrier between the weather and building materials. Apart from its function as an outer protective layer, it also ensures that no water leaks into the house.

  1. Waterproof floor coating

It can be applied to floors to prevent moisture seepage up through cracks in tiles and stones, especially for basement floors susceptible to high humidity levels. This is often needed in bathrooms where showers are installed nearby or in garages subjected to standing water after heavy rainfall.

  1. Sailboat hull

The waterproof tape can be used to make a rubber barrier for boat seals. The tape is an easy tool which you can apply within minutes. There are many kinds of waterproof tapes on the market, but make sure you get one with high quality and durability.

  1. Yard siding

It is commonly used for paneling of exterior walls, especially in places where fiber cement cladding are preferred. The waterproof tape can also be used for railings and windowsills. Strictly speaking, the material that makes this kind of tape is rubber which adheres to different kinds of surfaces well.

Where not to use waterproof flashing tape

  1. Inside walls

It is recommended not use this kind of tape inside walls because the plastic material may react with the paint or varnish. If you want to use them inside walls, it must be used together with an adhesive that can allow the tape to adhere on the surface, but not damage the wall’s finish when peeled off.

  1. Rooftop membranes

It is also not recommend to use this kind of tape on roofing materials because on some cases, it might destroy roof membrane waterproofing’s. To ensure you can avoid any problems using this kind of tape on your rooftop membrane, first ask about its suitability for use as a critical waterproof layer.

Waterproof flashing tapes are very useful materials in construction industry especially if they are used for waterproof projects like roofing and floor coating. Whether you’re building an extension, conservatory or new dwelling, applying flashing tape before installing any other waterproofing materials can help ensure that the roof structure remains intact and dry.

However, not all flashing tapes are used for roofs or other areas exposed to bad weather conditions. There are several kinds of waterproof tapes available in market which have different functions according to their characteristics. It is important to know what you want the product for so you can choose the appropriate waterproofing strip or tape.