Top 10 boarding schools in UK

The Welfare Provisions that Define the Top 10 Boarding Schools in the UK
Generally, the emotional security and happiness that students enjoy in boarding schools are instrumental in enhancing their abilities to perform academically and grow personally. At Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS), the welfare of the students is highly prioritized. The school understands that the scholars need to stay happy and emotionally safe to perform greatly. They look after their wellbeing in different ways. This is why the institution is considered among the top 10 boarding schools in the UK which promotes the physical and mental welfare of students at a professional level.
Students Welfare Defined at CCSS
At CCSS, the welfare of the boarding students is the responsibility of the House Management. The management comprises of trained and friendly staff members who ensure the following provisions:
24/7 security: The students are protected at all times outside and within the boarding facilities. Outside, there are a number of trained guards stationed at specific points to monitor the boarding facilities and the students too. Their performance is enhanced by reliable surveillance systems. Internally, the security is led by the respective housemasters and housemistresses.
Physical healthcare: The provision is provided by trained nurses who are available 24/7. In case there is a medical emergency that needs professional intervention, the nurses are able to take care of it.
Mental support: This is facilitated by a team of psychotherapists who the students consult regularly. Therefore, cases of depression and stress are minimized.
Supervised evening sessions: The study sessions in the evening are professionally monitored. This ensures that the students study amicably and in case they need any form of support, it’s provided by the responsible supervisors.
With the welfare of the boarding students highly prioritized, boarding life becomes comfortable for the students. Since their welfare is taken care of, it becomes easy for them to perform admirably and ascend the performance charts consistently.