Terms and conditions for freelance marketing and pr

Since marketing is important for the growth of a business, most businesses will spend a large amount of money on marketing related services to boost their sale and for brand building. Unlike products whose specifications are usually well defined, marketing and public relations (pr) services are usually provided based on the requirement of the customer. Hence unless the services are clearly defined before finalizing the order, there may be disputes at a later date. So it is important to specify the marketing and pr terms and conditions freelance on the website of the marketing company.

The scope of marketing services required by the business from the company offering freelance marketing and pr services should be clearly defined in the contract. The marketing activities could involve promotion of the business online and offline, the methods which will be used, and in some cases, the duration for which the marketing campaign will continue. The marketing service will be based on the inputs and information which are provided by the client. The marketing company will submit their marketing plan to the client for approval before releasing it to the media.

The freelance marketing company is not responsible for any incorrect information which is provided by their client, which is then used in the promotional material. In case any changes are made at a later date to the service or product which is marketed, and the marketing campaign or plan has to be changed, the client will be billed for the additional changes which are required. Any business information which will be provided to the marketing company for the campaign will remain confidential. It will not be sold to others, misused, or shared with other business rivals.

In case of lump-sum orders, the order value and payment terms will be finalized at the time of placing the order. In most cases, some advance payment will have to made, before any work is started. The remaining payment will have to be released at regular intervals after the specified milestones for the marketing project are completed. The client can review the marketing work completed, and approve it, before releasing the payment. In case payment is not received within a specified period, usually a month from the due date, further marketing work will be halted. A penalty may also have to be paid in some cases in case of delays in payment.

Though the marketing company takes pride in promoting the business of its clients to get them the best possible deal, in some cases, the client may not get the results they expected. While in some cases, there may be problems with the quality, price, features of the product, service being sold, in many cases, government rules, regulations and macroeconomic factors may affect the sales of the service, product. While the marketing company will ensure that the marketing services provided are as per the contract, and will provide proof, it is not responsible for the lack of sales or profits of the business and will not pay any compensation to their client. Hence the business should read and understand these terms before hiring the services of the marketing company