Jewelry Etching Ideas

Jewelry Etching is the process in which you engrave designs onto metal surfaces with acid, in this case, it’s ferric chloride. You put your jewelry into a solution made up of water, ferric chloride powder, and hydrogen peroxide (the bubbles help move the chemical around). The longer it stays in there, the deeper the grooves become. Once you pull it out of there you can wear your piece or clean off all the chemicals left over by using baking soda mixed with water. Keep rinsing until all that is gone!

Here are jewelry etching ideas:

  1. Script

First up is simple script lettering. This one will definitely take some time because there are so many letters, but it can be well worth it in the end. You’ll need a ring blank to use for this project.

  1. Arrows

This next idea takes less time because it’s super easy. Just use stencil paper and tape over your ring once you’re done etching to keep that design sharp! If you want to get super creative you could always draw out the arrow design on the circle part of an earring blank instead of using stencil paper!

  1. Swirls and vines

For something more organic and free-flowing, try these designs on for size! Keep in mind though that these might not work on every ring size.

  1. Geometric

This one was my favorite! I used a ruler to help me draw out the pattern on this one, but you could always free-hand it too. You’ll need heavy-duty earring backs for this project.

  1. Chevron/Diagonal lines

I love chevron! It’s super trendy right now and works on everything! Just make sure you keep your design fairly symmetrical so the piece will look more polished in the end. For these ones you’ll need earring backs … just like all of them will require some sort of backing unless you want to glue them onto something 🙂

  1. Flowers

Next is some sweet floral goodness!!! I drew out some daisies first on the ring blank to figure out how big I wanted it. You could totally use stencil paper to trace or freehand this too! Then just start etching away!!!

  1. Circles

This one is super easy but looks fabulous with whatever you decide to put in the center of your circles. These were hard for me to get off my ring after they dried because acetone doesn’t do well with metal 🙁 This means that if you want them off you’ll need to sand or file them down… unless you like the crusty look 😉

  1. Triangle

These are really fun and only take about 5 minutes! Just make sure your triangles are nice and pointy (the sharper the better). I basically turned my ruler sideways and did a series of dots all along the edge and then just filled in.

  1. Flowers

And last but not least, we have some flowers again!!! These ones were super easy and quick because I used stencil paper to get my design! If you want something kind of like this but with more than one layer, you can try using different stencils or drawing your own by hand

I hope you have fun with these etching ideas! They are really simple but can be super beautiful too. Do you need etched jewelry? then click on this link