Independent sixth form

Independent Sixth Form Studies
The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies is a true center of educational excellence. Situated in a tranquil and serene environment, CCSS embodies the spirit of independent thinking and unbridled creativity. With a diverse body of students and industry-leading faculty, the school is synonymous with innovative courses that truly illuminate the mind and spirit. The Center also prepares students to tackle the challenges of academia – along with life’s unexpected obstacles and hurdles. This is done via expert tuition and challenging coursework that taps into the true potential of each and every student.
CCSS Programs and Course Materials
CCSS programs and course materials are designed to help students excel in their respective studies. From business and finance to liberal arts – CCSS offers a complete suite of courses taught by leading professors and teachers. Whether it’s college preparation or finding gainful employment after graduation, students are guaranteed to thrive in an enlightening and fully supportive environment. As a beacon of excellence in Cambridge educational studies, the Center is proud to offer its critically acclaimed Academic Foundation Program. While this is one of many programs offered at the facility, the AFP has churned out a number of top students that have propelled to new heights in their respective universities and majors.
The Academic Foundation Program
The Academic Foundation Program is great for students that want to expand their educational horizons. While the program is designed for students ages 14-17, the innovative curriculum helps prepare them for excellence in college and university level studies. The program also helps them learn vital life skills – with a strong emphasis on critical and free thinking. The English language courses are also essential for students that do not speak English as their native language. Similarly, native English speakers get to learn about the traditions and cultures of foreign students – the backbone of a true plural and international student body.
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