How Star Tutor Can Help You Prepare For The ACT

Star Tutors is an online resource available for high school students. The website has tons of content available for students in all major areas of study to help students prepare for testing. The ACT and SAT are two of the biggest tests a student will take during their high school career. It can be a very stressful time for students. These tests determine what schools they will be able to get in to. Extra time made for preparation and studying can make the difference between an acceptance letter and a rejection letter. Star Tutors has many online resources for students that provides technology and educational support. They provide free courses to help students prepare for both the SAT and the ACT. They have a YouTube channel with a variety of great videos that allow students to study and prepare in the comfort of their own homes. The SAT and ACT tutors at Star Tutors have over 20,000 hours of experience.
Many high school students experience test taking anxiety. Spending time in a quiet place to study such as a student’s home may help alleviate some of the nervousness. There are several SAT and ACT test prep textbooks available but these can come with a hefty price tag. Star Tutors is a free of charge resource that allows students of all budgets to learn and prepare. There are practice problems, exams and tons of other valuable content available. Star Tutors also has an app called StarU. StarU is an application you can download on your phone that will tutor you virtually! The app allows students to instantly video chat with tutors. The app features four different parts SAT, ACT, virtual classroom and virtual tutor. StarU even allows the student to track their progress and see their problem areas. The app is commitment free and allows students to study according to their own schedules.
If a desktop computer is more your student’s speed, Star Tutors has courses available on their website and YouTube channel that you can subscribe to. Their Virtual Classroom contains several different series and programs dedicated to SAT and ACT help as well as many other great lesson plans. This content is completely free of charge and can be accessed anywhere. Star Tutors even offers in person and virtual tutoring classes that are specialized for SAT and ACT prep. Star Tutors is a fantastic resource that is sure to improve any student’s test taking abilities.