Cambridge Joinery

The time has come for you to hire a Cambridge joiner only you have never had to do it before – where do you start? The first thing you ought to do is understand the difference between a joiner and a carpenter. All too often people confuse the two and leads to complications in projects that would have otherwise been straightforward. The easiest way to tell the difference between a joiner and a carpenter is the scale of work that they undertake. A carpenter works on large scale projects – you can find them, for example, on a construction site. A joiner works on a smaller scale – he is the guy that you call when you want work done inside your home. He will install windows, door frames, wardrobes, cabinets, stairs and so on.
This is an important distinction – a carpenter may be very good at what he does but when it comes to intricate joinery work he may not be able to deliver. There are some companies that provide both joiners and carpenters. Depending on the scale of your project you may want to hire one of these.
So how do you find the best joiner? True, there are many joiners in the city but few deliver stellar results. It takes many years to learn joinery work so you should be looking for one who has been in business for at least 10 years. This means that he should be the one supervising or doing the work, not apprenticing.
Make sure that you look at the previous work that the joiner has done. Have they worked on projects that are similar to yours and what were the results like? Get a few references just to be sure.
We suggest Salmons Bros. Ltd. – they are expert joiners, highly professional and reliable. Get in touch with them through