Benefits Of Hiring PR Freelancers

Public Relations, or PR, is not just one of the most critical departments of a business. It is also one of the most capital-intensive. Therefore, it is only natural that every business has an active public relations department.
But Why Do You Need The PR Department?
No matter how ethical your business practices are, you are bound to face public negativity one way or the other. Public negativity could emanate from various quarters. It could be the products/services offered by your business or the goals of your company are grossly misunderstood. It could also happen when some of your products have posed serious safety or quality concerns with the general public or regulators. But in most cases, negative publicity is sheer campaign sponsored by your competitors to try and gain undue advantage over you.
A PR department employs two cardinal principles when dealing with negative publicity. First, it could approach a proactive measure where it detects loopholes through which your business could come out in a negative light, and seal them. The department could also approach a reactive measure which is more or less damage control. In the second situation, there is already negative publicity out there so the PR department comes in to right the wrongs’’.
Which Kind Of PR Should I Hire?
As a business owner or manager, you can either choose to go with salaried PR employees or hire public relations experts on freelance basis. Of course, hiring PR freelancers is the better of these two alternatives, and the following reasons explain why.
Cost-effective – It is not every day that your company faces negative publicity. Therefore, by having salaried PR staff when your business faces no real publicity issues, you would be maintaining redundant employees. This, as expected, will only eat into your revenues. The objective of any business is to make profits, and there are two ways to do that – improve on sales and cut back on expenses. And one ideal way of cutting back on expenses is getting rid of redundant staff such as salaried PR employees.
More dedicated to the job – PR freelancers are hired on contract basis. Therefore, they will try to impress you, completely aware that their chances of having their contracts renewed depend on how well they give a good account of themselves. This is in sharp contrast to salaried PR staff who would never exert themselves as they know that whatever happens, their salaries are well taken care of.
You will enjoy more experience – The PR freelancers you hire have probably worked with a couple of companies similar to yours. Therefore, they come with a wealth of experience. You will always discover they have ideas that are not only new and fresh, but also relevant to the dynamics of your industry. With this kind of experience, you can trust them to bring the much-needed transformation to your business.
Clearly, there are so many benefits of hiring PR freelancers. However, getting an experience freelance PR is no walk in the park, and this is where Blue Lizard Marketing comes in.
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